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First, Create a Viable Backup

All businesses rely on technology, and all technology fails. If you went back to ground zero, how safe is your data? Whether data loss is brought on by a power outage, system failure, or a technical glitch, the effect is the same–lost work, and wasted time. Unfortunately, too many organizations spend too much time focusing solely on preventing technical disruptions, and overlook an absolutely essential first step…clean, restorable backups.

“First, create a viable backup of your data, then minimize the need for it.”

Your organization’s drives, servers, and databases house the lifeblood of your business. Your first (and only) line of defense against devastating data loss is a securely stored, test-restored backup.  And yet, too many businesses still find themselves on the wrong end of a technical disaster thinking: “haven’t I learned this lesson before?” 


Safeguard your Data

Think your organization has backups covered?  Ask yourself 3 questions:

  1. When was the last time you verified that your backups are actually taking place as planned?
  2. When was the last time you performed a test restore from an offsite backup?
  3. Is your offsite data storage safe, secure, and redundant?

Do your current methods fall short? Developing your own secure, redundant, and reliable system for backing up data can be complex, not to mention expensive.  These systems not only require costly hardware and software but also the skills of an experienced technician to set up, monitor, maintain, test and create appropriate procedures and policies.

“Plug and Play” is a good way to back up your personal music collection, but today’s business environment requires far more technical expertise than most small to mid-size businesses can employ on their own.  That’s why outsourcing your backup needs to a credible third party is the best way to ensure your data will be safely stored when you need it.


Azureity Knows Backups

Azureity’s Managed Backups and Disaster Recovery solutions are based on the latest RAID SAN array. They are housed in SSAE 16 Secure Data Centers with geographic redundancy. Furthermore, every backup is monitored daily and test-restored regularly by our qualified experts to ensure data security.

And, because Azureity’s unparalleled customer service covers every aspect of the backup and disaster recovery process–we’ll manage everything–so you can focus on your clients.  You’ll receive a monthly report verifying test restores, data storage and procedural checklists.  These policies and reports, which comply with the most stringent guidelines and best practices in the market, are relied on by financial institutions to ensure compliance.

Have a question?  Our live technical support experts are always available, and we have trained technicians on the ground in every market we serve. Contact Azureity, Inc. today, and one of our I.T. professionals will design a specialized backup solution to protect your business.

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