Technology Solutions – Convenience, Style (and possibly Disaster) All at the Touch of a Button

Everybody loves pushing buttons. Telephone, TV remotes, car stereo, doorbells, microwave popcorn, elevators, video games. Since someone’s great, great, grandfather invented the very first button the world has been blessed with the instant gratification of triggering complicated sequences with such a simple movement. As our lives continue a progression towards automation and simplicity the button […]

Broken Tech – Amazon Alexa’s Doll House Mishap When technology works almost a little too well.

“When technology works a little too well. – Alexa’s Doll House Mishap” – If you’re not familiar with Amazon’s Alexa you might be missing out on some pretty cool technology. This new gadget sits idly by and waits for your verbal command to check sports scores, weather updates, etc. Check out this cool ad with […]

Year-End Review: 4 Questions to Ask as You Audit Your Data Backups

Year-End Review: 4 Questions to Ask as You Audit Your Data Backups   Whatever your current solution for data backups, it is critical to perform a yearly review to safeguard your data.  Below, we’ve provided some key questions to ask as you audit your backup procedures, to ensure that your essential files will be there […]

Cybersecurity – Scam of the Week Phishing attacks - "Three-year-old Syrian boy Alyan Kurdi

“Scam Of The Week: Edited pictures of a three-year-old Syrian boy Alyan Kurdi. He drowned while attempting to reach Greece with his family and other refugees. Lowlifes use it in several scams, from phishing attacks trying to trick you into charitable gifts at bogus sites to scams on Facebook that use “1share = 1prayer” tactics, […]

Cybersecurity Alert Fake Emails for Wire Transfers

Fake Emails for Wire Transfers ‘Criminals on the Internet have cooked up a new scam. They get you to click on a phishing link and stealthily look at what happens on your computer. Specifically they monitor your email. When it looks like your CEO is out of town, the bad guys send emails that look […]