Compliance Policy & Audit

IT Compliance—Making Your Audits as Easy as Possible

In addition to maximizing uptime, reducing costs, providing secure IT operations and meeting the increasing technological demands of end users, IT departments must also make sure they remain compliant with the growing requirements and practices placed upon them by a variety of government and industry required practices. Being aware of, and maintaining proper documentation for these requirements presents a growing concern for all IT departments. An increasing amount of time each year is spent preparing for an FDIC audit, providing an annual report to the board of directors, or staying abreast of the latest requirements of growing legislation (SOX, GLB, etc.). There are also a variety of tools, alerts, and risk assessments that must be maintained throughout the year in order to remain in good standing with federal and industry-related oversight mandates.

Due to its long history of working with multiple clients in key industries like banking, finance, healthcare, utilities, etc. the Azureity team has become compliance experts and is not only familiar with what examiners are looking for during an audit but also what format the information should take. Working with auditors from a variety of industries, we have compiled a list of best practices and bring our expertise to the table for you. We work directly with client organizations in developing tools and reports and tracking required information throughout the year and help prepare all requested information in advance of the audit. Our compliance experts also make themselves available during the audit and can be on-site working directly with auditors during exams in order to provide any additional information and answer any questions they may have.

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