Desktop Management Ensuring that Your Stations Run As Efficiently As Possible

Focus on Your Business, Not Your Technology

Proper management of desktops can save the company a tremendous amount of time and money. According to Gartner, unmanaged desktops can cost the company $5,000/year in frequent, unnecessary tech support calls and lost productivity.

Like many IT concerns, the majority of issues with desktop management can be solved by employing the right people using the right tools. Azureity’s highly skilled staff has decades of experience and their regular fine tuning can make your workstations sing.

In addition to dramatic decrease in tech support calls and a corresponding increase of employee productivity, Azureity’s Desktop Management includes the following:

  • Patch Management – 88% of malicious attacks are targeted at unpatched applications
  • Software Distribution –
  • Remote Control
  • Inventory and Asset Tag Tracking
  • USB Port Blocking (and encrypting if desired)
  • Imaging and OS Deployment
  • Anti-Malware
  • Anti-Virus

Powerful, Comprehensive Anti-Malware

Comprehensive solutions to combat complex virus attacks

hardware-independent imaging and provisioning

Fully automated software distribution across your network.

Track & monitor devices and applications

Always stay on top of the most recent security upgrades

Fix problems, update and more through the cloud