Powerful, Comprehensive Anti-Malware

Cyber attacks have become extremely dynamic and exponentially more complex. Azureity antivirus software delivers comprehensive anti-malware solutions that are powerful, efficient and easy to manage. Our anti-malware manager helps you:

  • Deliver the fastest response times to minimize your risk of security breaches
  • Reduce cost and complexity with a centralized solution
  • Detect significant numbers of virus and malware instances missed by other solutions through advanced heuristics
  • Enable IT staff and executives to quickly see which systems are protected and which are vulnerable
  • Provide vulnerability assessments for multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux and HP-UX

Powerful, Comprehensive Anti-Malware

Comprehensive solutions to combat complex virus attacks

hardware-independent imaging and provisioning

Fully automated software distribution across your network.

Track & monitor devices and applications

Always stay on top of the most recent security upgrades

Fix problems, update and more through the cloud