Patch Management

Patch Management

Azureity patch manager makes it possible to remediate thousands of systems with one task—and without saturating your network. Our patch manager improves the following:

  • Increase control – Gain control over security, productivity inhibitors and compliance
  • Heterogeneous platform support – Full vulnerability detection and remediation for Windows, Red Hat Linux, SUSE Linux, and Mac OS X. This also includes vulnerability detection and reporting for systems running HP-UX
  • Patch anywhere – Increase your patching capabilities exponentially by combining patch manager to assess vulnerabilities and remediate issues in remote locations anywhere in the world

Powerful, Comprehensive Anti-Malware

Comprehensive solutions to combat complex virus attacks

hardware-independent imaging and provisioning

Fully automated software distribution across your network.

Track & monitor devices and applications

Always stay on top of the most recent security upgrades

Fix problems, update and more through the cloud