Software Distribution

Fully Automated Software Distribution

Installing software on one computer takes time. Rolling out applications to many users across the company is a real challenge. Managing ongoing application, security and virus updates can take up so much time and manpower that other tasks are left undone. And every time a new update comes out, the process starts again.

Azureity’s software distribution technology helps implement controlled automation for fast and efficient software distribution and installation, security and virus update, and application patch management across mixed network environments. The technology is based on a modular, task-based model that can substantially improve overall efficiency in planning, scheduling and managing software distributions. Packages, distribution methods, deployment scripts and target selection are managed separately to increase overall flexibility.

Powerful, Comprehensive Anti-Malware

Comprehensive solutions to combat complex virus attacks

hardware-independent imaging and provisioning

Fully automated software distribution across your network.

Track & monitor devices and applications

Always stay on top of the most recent security upgrades

Fix problems, update and more through the cloud