FFIEC Compliance–Simplified

Put FFIEC Cybersecurity Compliance to Work for Your Business.

In 2015, the FFIEC released the Cybersecurity Assessment Tool. This complex document contains a brief introduction and 533 questions, but lacks the tools, reporting and templates needed to accurately assess your security.

In an effort to simplify the client experience, Azureity, Inc. has created a streamlined solution for banks and credit unions to address the FFIEC’s assessment requirements–the FFIEC Cybersecurity Compliance Toolkit and Report.

This comprehensive toolkit enables your organization to:

  • Record, validate and track your responses
  • Gain personalized insight into your company’s security issues
  • Track your compliance efforts over time, and
  • Provide multi-level reporting to key user groups, including:
    • Board Members
    • IT Directors
    • Compliance Officers, and
    • Bank Examiners
Introduction to Azureity's FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment Tool

Watch the video to learn how Azureity’s tools, analysis, and reporting can save your organization time and money preparing for your FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment.

The Report That Demystifies FFIEC Compliance

Meeting the FFIEC’s strict cybersecurity standards can be time-consuming and overwhelming, especially for smaller financial institutions.  That’s why Azureity set out to demystify the process, by creating a unique set of easy-to-follow instructions and targeted tools that decode the regulations.

The FFIEC Compliance Cybersecurity Toolkit and Report helps clients map their  path to ironclad security.  Your organization will receive a personalized report that clearly outlines areas of risk for your business–and how to remedy them.

Order Your Sample Report Today

Need to assess at a glance how FFIEC regulations apply to your institution?  No one makes it easier to navigate the complexities of Cybersecurity compliance than Azureity.


Simplified Entry System

Our tool makes it easy for you to identify and answer only the questions that relate to your business.  And, by allowing you to filter and assign different sections to relevant individuals throughout your organization, you can be sure that the right people are answering the right questions.


Data Validation

The FFIEC Cybersecurity Compliance Toolkit and Report ensures that you only answer the questions for your baseline maturity level.  It makes conforming to the complex FFIEC regulations as simple as “yes” or “no”, and mitigates the potential for costly errors or omissions.


Progress Reports

Assess what’s been done and what’s coming next in real-time with intuitive progress reports that make it easy to see at a glance where you are in the process.  Know in an instant which security areas need improvement, and what solutions are available, so you can close the gaps as you go.


Analytical Tools

Analytical Tools provide an in-depth look at your organizations risk profile, maturity level, domain, assessment factors, and components. The Gap and Sensitivity Analyses inform your IT Directors and Compliance Officers about how your ongoing operations directly impact FFIEC compliance issues.  And, you’ll learn how close you are to increasing your maturity baseline, so you can prepare for upcoming security upgrades.


Timeline Reporting

Allows organizations to easily compare results from multiple time periods, so you can follow changes to risk and maturity levels over time, as required by the FFIEC.  This is particularly important when launching new products or services.


Summary Reports

Summary Reports highlight urgent information, and detail high risk areas, under-mature domains, and other potential areas of concern.


Executive Summary

This high-level overview is specifically designed for Board Members.  It outlines just the information executives need to know: where your organization’s risk sensitivity is, how close you came to your maturity requirement, and which major areas need to be addressed.


Comprehensive Graphics

Toolkit graphics highlight areas of concern and potential improvement, and summarize data into easy to understand heat maps, area charts, and dynamic bar charts.

Save Valuable Time and Effort

Azureity’s team of IT professionals will customize your experience based on your organization’s specific needs, so you won’t waste a minute addressing irrelevant questions. How?  By reviewing your organization’s responses in the Risk Assessment, Azureity can reduce your required questions by as much as 75% (allowing you to forgo as many as 371 of the 533 questions)!

While Azureity has made its FFIEC Cybersecurity Compliance Toolkit and Report available for one-time purchase, it’s far more efficient (and cost-effective) to implement an annual Azureity analysis.

And best of all, all Azureity IT Managed Services clients receive a complete Cybersecurity Toolkit and Report as part of their service package.  Ready to learn more?  Order your free sample report today!