Cybersecurity Alert Fake Emails for Wire Transfers

Fake Emails for Wire Transfers

Criminals on the Internet have cooked up a new scam. They get you to click on a phishing link and stealthily look at what happens on your computer. Specifically they monitor your email. When it looks like your CEO is out of town, the bad guys send emails that look like they come from the CEO, with urgent requests to wire a large amount of money. Organizations that were tricked by this have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Recently, this scam has filtered down to the consumer level. The FBI calls this an Email Account Compromise (EAC). At this very moment, bad guys could be looking at your email and patiently wait until the time is right. Be very careful when you make any large bank transfers, for instance when making a wire transfer, buying a house or putting money into investment accounts. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS initiate contact with the other party by phone and verify that the transfer instructions are correct before you transfer the money.”


Cybersecurity Alert 

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