Web Filtering

Cutting-edge Filtering

Azureity will provide and manage a best-in-class web filtering system including monthly reports on Web Filtering events. Azureity will also maintain all web filtering signature detection logic for both in-band and critical out-of-band updates.

Whereas many current IT solutions often add multiple appliances separate threat types, Azureity employs a single stream-based scan. This approach not only increases the likelihood of identifying would-be threats, but also significantly simplifies the management of a single table. This approach provides the following benefits:

  • A single, unified threat engine with one table to manage
  • Higher throughput and low latency due to a single-stream scan on one appliance
  • Unique App-ID provides visibility into all applications captures a variety of potential threats

State-of-the-art firewall protection against state-of-the-art threats.

Actively monitoring and responding to potential threats.

Vulnerability assessment to identify weak links in your security program

Comprehensive solutions to combat complex virus attacks

Powerful, comprehensive anti-malware

Identify and avoid online threats to your systems.